Coastal Restoration Is More Important Than Ever

Protect the coastline with our modern surveying technology in Sulphur, LA

Coastal restoration has always been critical for local infrastructure. And with climate changes causing more unpredictable storms, it's more critical now than ever. Louisiana Lidar, LLC provides modern coastal surveying at the beaches near Sulphur, LA. We combine Google Street View imagining with our drone footage to paint a more accurate picture of our coastal health. For a complete scan of sensitive beach walls, schedule our coastal surveying service today.

Coastal restoration does wonders for the community

Coastal restoration does more than build back deteriorating beach walls. It will also:

  • Protect local land from flooding
  • Preserve habitats for fish and wildlife
  • Defend critical infrastructure from damage

Restoration projects will also create jobs for local residents, with an average of 15 jobs created for every $1 million spent.

To strengthen our community, we need to strengthen our coast. Reach out today to schedule your coastal surveying service.